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User Agreement

Use of www.aidaptcanada.com, rules of purchasing goods and services


User Agreement


This provision applies to:

a. use of www.aidaptcanada.com (the Website);

b. the information (the Information) that is stored in or obtained from this server and other servers of www.aidapt.com and 

c. Goods or services which are provided by or the person (the User) requests or obtains through the Website, AIDAPT BATHROOM LTD. (AIDAPT)


The provision applies to browse and use of the Website, transaction of purchasing the goods and services from AIDAPT BATHROOM LTD. (AIDAPT) through the website and the obligations of restrictions on the usage of AIDAPT, employees, agents, contractors and any third party information provider. 


Section 1

Terms of using this website


Disclaimer of warranty


The User fully understands and agree:


The Users bare their own risks of using the Website or services. Under the permission of the ordinance, AIDAPT will not be responsible or make representation or guarantee (empress and implied) the following items:


a. This website and the quality, operation, usage, accuracy or timeliness of the information and the suitability or any purposes 


b. Enquire, provide, receive any goods or services through AIDAPT or according to related information 


c. Will not be interrupted while browsing the website and information, or error-free on information or the information does not contain any computer virus, not contaminated or not destructive.



Information will not be objectionable or offensive; or


Containing the relevant information may result in errors, omissions or misrepresentations.

stated in writing

AIDAPT does not endorse or recommend the information referred to any person, organization, name, product or service, but also the information does not represent the views or opinions of AIDAPT. AIDAPT will not participate in any transactions with the uses and third party on or through the Website except 

using written and should be limited to description only.


Such information may be subject to the protection of intellectual property laws and rights (including, but not limited to laws protecting copyright). If users download, copy, transmit, printed, stored or use the information, but did not receive prior consent from the owner of these rights, users may infringe such laws or rights. The user is responsible for any infringement ("copyright infringement") situation. 

Limitation of Liability 
You expressly understand and agree that, to the extent permitted by law, whether based on tort, contract, statute or otherwise (including but not limited to, negligence, breach of contract, defamation or infringement of intellectual property rights), AIDAPT shall not follow the user or any third party for liability of :





Any direct loss;


Any consequential, indirect, accidental, special, or exemplary damages (including but not limited to loss of revenue or profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses); or


User or any other person of using the Information in or use of this site and / or services which led to or incurred by the User to any other person's responsibility.

Services and information  
Unless explicitly stated, otherwise, all the services together with any increase or enhancement on the current services provided by the new features are subject to terms and conditions. You are acknowledged and agree about that, AIDAPT is not necessary to take the responsibility on timeless, deletion, mis-provision, not able to provide any services and/ or information.



You understand that the services and/or information may involve technical processing and transmission


Through various networks; and


Changes are made in order to follow and adapt to connecting networks or devices.


Therefore, in any case, AIDAPT is not responsible for the failure of part or whole service transaction or getting part or whole service of information caused by the postponement or failure communications network.

You may (online or use other methods) fill in one or more of the Company's registration or application form in order to use certain services and / or information. You promise the followings when filling in the forms:



as request, to provide personally identifiable information which is true, accurate, up to date and complete ;


to provide identifiable information or content ("other information") which is true, accurate, up to date and complete through any website and;



Maintain and promptly update your personally identifiable information and other information in order to protect its true, accuracy, latest and completion

If you provide false, inaccurate, outdated and incomplete information or any other personally identifiable information, or AIDAPT has reason to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not up to date or incomplete, AIDAPT has right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any or all current or future use of any services and / or information (or any part thereof). 

Minors (Aged under 19)
If you are under 19, or who is a minor or not able to bear legal responsibility, then you should consult your parents or guardian's recommendations before using any of the services and / or information. Unless you have obtained the consent of your parent or guardian, otherwise, you may not provide us with your personally identifiable information. AIDAPT assumes that each user has the ability to use any services and/or information of the website and once you use any of the services and/or information, it means that you commit and guarantee you have those abilities. AIDAPT has no obligation to verify the age or ability of any user. But if the user is discovered that he or she does not have ability AIDAPT reserves the right to investigate the users or their parents or guardians, for suffering from the damages and compensation which are caused by the lack of those abilities, or cancel their registration and terminate their right to access the Website. 

AIDAPT Privacy Policy 
Personally identifiable information is subject to our Privacy Policy regulation. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statement. 

Account identification code and password 

When you register online, you need to fill in the form of account identification code and / or personal password. You are responsible for confidential identification code and password for the account, and the account under which the identification code or password for all activities that occur take full responsibility. You agree that




Immediately notify AIDAPT when any unauthorized use of your account identification code or password or any other breach of security situation;


Ensure that you log off from your account identification code or password before exit. AIDAPT has no obligation on your failure to comply with the provisions of this Section 9 arising or for any loss or damage.

You acknowledge that the above account identification code and password are confidential information. You shall not disclose to any person. You are in breach of the confidentiality of any speech, action or behaviour, whether intentional or unintentional, may lead you to the responsibility on all losses or damages caused to the AIDAPT. You must take all necessary precautions to maintain the account identification code and password confidentially. If you would like to agree and acknowledge that any person (whether or not authorized by you) with the identification code and password for these accounts to use the service and/or information shall constitute that you are using services and / or information of your own. In the event of any actual or potential unauthorized use of the account identification code and a password, you must immediately notify AIDAPT, and write to explain immediately to AIDAPT. You have no right to claim any compensation from AIDAPT before AIDAPT receives any written confirmation or you are even responsible for the losses and damages of AIDAPT which arise from the use of any service and/or information (whether or not authorized by you).
You acknowledge and agree that the only duty of AIDAPT is to verify the account identification code and password, and AIDAPT is not necessary on:


When such failure is directly or indirectly caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Company or events caused by you or any other person to assume for failing through various electronic delivery channels to make or execute instructions or to perform any of its obligations relating to such instructions for any loss suffered or damage; or


any loss or damage of you or any other person using correct identification code and / or password through various electronic delivery channels provide instructions


You agree and accept that, AIDAPT cannot guarantee the secrecy of transmission of personal or other information or data due to the nature of the Internet, (and refuse to take responsibility no this). AIDAPT's current practice is to take reasonable steps to maintain confidentiality. 

User's responsibility 
As AIDAPT allows you access to the Information and / or using the Site, you undertake:


Does not carry out or allow any copyright infringing activities;


Not to use the information or the right to use this website for any illegal, improper, obscene or defamatory purpose;


Take all measures to ensure that such information will not harm user data or system;


Ensure that you provide all information to AIDAPT, are true and accurate;


to allow AIDAPT for conducting research on relevant information;


Accept all the terms of AIDAPT disclaimers and limitations of liability;


Accept personal data from time to time applicable to AIDAPT policy; or


May not assign the right and obligation, transfer to any other persons without prior written notice to AIDAPT

Third-party websites 
This website may contain information provided by third parties or links to other websites. AIDAPT does not have any obligation on third party information or other websites which beyond its direct control (whether or not linked to this site). When you start any of these connections, you bear your own risks on leave this website and connection. AIDAPT will not take responsibility for any content, advertising, products, or other information responsibility which are contained in other websites. You further acknowledge and agree that use of or reliance on AIDAPT did not set out on or through any such site or web page for any such content, goods or services that are caused or alleged to be caused or related to any damage or loss, directly or indirectly responsible for, or take responsibility. If other sites add the links in AIDAPT without prior notification, AIDAPT reserves the right to remove those links. 

Transactions conducted with advertisers 
You carry out any business, participate in promotions, including money transaction and delivery of goods and services, any other terms, conditions warranties or representations with third which advertise in websites, are solely the business between you and such third party. You agree AIDAPT has no obligation on any kind of loss or damage caused by such transaction or in any advertisement on this website.

Online Payment 

In any online payment platform provided by the Company, then AIDAPT shall not be liable for any of your online payment for the following reasons for any loss or damage suffered (including indirect and consequential loss and damage) including:


The bank and/or third-party merchants for processing credit card payments or other convenient payment channel transmission system to convey any message for any information or any failure, delay, interruption, suspension, or transfer restrictions;


Errors or omissions caused by the transmission mentioned above.


Any failure of such payment channel, malfunction or failure; and


Any matter caused by or in connection with the above payment channel

Modifications to Service
AIDAPT has the right to modify or discontinue the services (or any part of), temporarily or permanently at any time and from time to time without notice. You agree the AIDAPT does not have liability on any modification, suspension or discontinuance of you or any third party. 

No Resale of Service
You commit that you will not copy the services and / or information for any commercial purpose, transcription, copy, sell, resell services and/or information.


Public disclosure of information 
You have to check if you send any content, information or other personally identifiable information whether you are in the public areas of the Site.


In case of any discrepancy, the English version of user agreement shall prevail


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