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E'Loo Toilet Seat with Bidet Cleaning featuring a Warm Air Dryer, Night Light and Heated Seat Comfort Function (Oval Seat)


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The E'Loo One Touch Seat has been carefully designed with independent living in mind, this unique, space saving product is an economical and modern replacement for the traditional bidet. It turns your toilet into an all in one bidet and toilet and is designed to keep your intimate areas fresh and clean. The bidet seat is designed to fit most standard UK toilets and offers an easy to use 'one touch' system by pressing only one button incorporated into the toilet seat, the seat has a gentle closing action and by the flick of a switch the seat is comfortably warmed for those colder months. The E'Loo upholds the privacy and dignity of the user whilst maintaining high levels of personal hygiene. The nozzles and seat are made from a germ resistant plastic that offers up to 99.8% anti-bacterial protection, a UV light eliminates germs and bacteria between uses. The quick release mechanism makes cleaning the seat extremely easy. The dual nozzle makes the E'Loo suitable for use by both the family in general and for a more targeted female wash. The warm air dryer can be used after washing to reduce the use of toilet paper. Lastly, the product features an LED nightlight that illuminates the toilet bowl during the hours of darkness.

  • Sensitively washes and cleans intimate areas without the need for contact

  • Helps to protect against skin infections in the perineum area and urinary system

  • Improves hygiene for people with frequent bowel movements

  • Allows the user to feel clean and comfortable

  • The unique one-touch single button eliminates the need for a separate hand-set

  • Ideal for use by the whole family

  • Fits most UK toilets and is easy to Install and use

Product Dimension (mm): 107 x 470 x 385

Net Weight (kg): 3.4

Consigeration: Oval Seat

Max. User Weight (kg): 136

Voltage (V): 220 - 240



E'Loo Soft Closing Toilet Seat with Bidet Cleaning featuring a Warm Air Dryer, Night Light and Heated Seat Comfort Function. Made from anti-bacterial plastic with a UV light which eliminates Germs and Bacteria between uses

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