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  1. T Frame Gantry - Out of stock

    The T Frame Gantry for hoists and lifts is a lightweight, portable moving and handling solution for the home, hospital and care environment.

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  2. Wispa Mobile Battery High Lift Hoist

    The Wispa Mobile High Lift Hoist has an extensive lifting range and will lift up to 158 kg (25 stone), with up to 100 lifts from a single charge.

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  3. Uni Quilt Slings (Size Medium)

    Same as MSVP 0250

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  4. Solo Bed Transfer Aid

    Assists transfer into and out of one side of the bed, without affecting other occupants.

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  5. Wispa 100 Series Hoist Lift

    Same as MSVP 0202

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  6. Wispa 200 Series Battery Lift

    Same as MSVP 0204

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  7. Wispa Mobile Duo Hi-Lift Hoist

    The Wispa Mobile Duo Hoist transforms easily from a high lift hoist to a transfer aid, to assist with activities of daily living in both clinical and domestic environments.

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  8. Wispa 100 Series Hoist Lift

    Wispa - the name synonymous with safe moving and handling brings a host of safety features, designed to suit both user and carer.

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  9. Folding Garden Kneeler and Bench

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  10. Rope Ladder Bed Hoist

    The rope ladder bed hoist provides an easy way to sit up or change position in bed

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  11. Uni Quilt Slings (Size Small)

    Designed for use with Ceiling Mounted and Mobile Hoists, Uni Quilt Lifting Slings are simple to fit and remove, with a choice of sizes to suit the infinite variations in size, shape and degrees of disability.

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  12. OHWPL Wispa Lite Portable Hoist (Lift Only)

    A lightweight construction and integral carry handle enable the Wispa Lite to be easily moved between different locations, attached/removed from the ceiling track and repositioned wherever it is required.

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